SimpliSafe Extra Entry Sensors (Pack of 2)


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Product Description

Simplisafe Extra Entry Sensor Entry Sensors protect doors and windows that may be accessible to intruders. When deciding how many you need, it helps to consider the following: How many of your windows and doors are on a ground floor? Ground floor entry points are typically the most vulnerable in a home and should usually be protected. How many windows and doors are accessible from a balcony, terrace, or fire escape? These entry points are generally less vulnerable than a ground floor window, but are another way intruders may enter a home. You should consider adding a sensor to these entrances. Will you have a Motion Sensor in the room? A Motion Sensor reduces the need for an Entry Sensor at every entry point. 3"X1.25"


  • Simplisafe Extra Entry Sensors (Pack of 2)
  • Defend Your Windows and Doors
  • Easy to Install on Every Type of Door or Window. The magnet goes on the door or window, and the sensor goes on the frame (or vice versa). Magnet can be placed up to 2 inches from the sensor, so sensors fit on all types of doors and windows. SimpliSafe sensors come with the battery pre-installed and adhesive tape pre-applied, making installation a snap.
  • Door Chime. When your system is OFF and a door or window opens, the Base Station will sound a door-chime so you'll know if someone is entering.


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