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Product Description

Police say a barking dog is an excellent way to deter burglars and this one never needs food, water or to be taken for a walk. The Electronic Secure Dog is the ideal watchdog because he does what even the best living, breathing watchdog cannot do (without some of the annoying problems that go with owning a dog). When an intruder enters the area of protection, it automatically begins barking like an angry dog. From outside, it sounds like you have a very unfriendly dog inside. With his electronic radar eyes, the Electronic Secure Dog can see through thick doors, walls and glass. And once his cord is plugged in, he will stay on duty around the clock, indefinitely. The Electronic Secure Dog can protect homes, apartments, mobile homes, RVs, jewelry stores, hotels, factories, warehouses, public and private buildings of virtually every kind. It also can announce visitors with a chime or alarm. The radar sensitivity is adjustable from 10-20 feet. Volume is also adjustable. Stands 7 inches tall. Powered by AC power supply. Also takes 8 AA back-up batteries (not included) in case of power loss. Unit needs to face in the direction you want to detect motion. Detection is limited from the sides and rear. The included remote control lets you Arm and Disarm the system, as well as set off a Panic alarm. You can also connect one additional sensor. Features: - Adjustable Volume - Maintenace-free operation - Dimensions: 6in x 7in x 4 3/4in - Adjustable range - Reliable 24 hour protection


  • Switch from the barking dog to alarm or chime
  • •Comes with a wireless remote control to allow you to arm/ disarm the unit from a distance as well as sound a panic alarm in case of emergency.
  • Radar sensitivity is adjustable from 10-20 feetSenses movement through walls, doors, and glass to alert you of an arriving visitor.
  • •Emits microwave signals so it can "see" through walls and detect someone approaching from up to 21 feet away
  • Reliable 24-hour protectionProtection with none of the problems of owning a real dog


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